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Through hearing each others’ stories of struggle and achievement, and breaking through any barriers that divide us, we can find a new story of our shared humanity. Everyone’s story matters. Your story matters.

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Upcoming Events

Public Launch

You are invited to a community story-sharing weekend. Everyone’s story matters. Your story matters. Local inspirational speakers modelling the new story.

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Films, Workshops & Discussions

Choose from a range of activities, each demonstrating and telling stories of trust-building in action, breaking through barriers of fear and difference.

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Story Sharing

Discover Each Other, Story Sharing for small groups. Drawing the threads together, weaving the New Story tapestry from the weekend.



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Our Partners

SydWest Multicultural Services and Initiatives of Change Australia, the lead partners in this program, wish to thank Blacktown City Council, Blacktown Police Area Command, the Mt Druitt Ethnic Communities Agency, the Uniting Links and many other community and service organisations who have contributed valuable time, resources and support. In addition, the hard work of many volunteers has made this program possible. Thank you!

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We are looking for volunteers to help make this event a success.

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